The most wretched people in the world are those who tell you they like every kind of music “except country.” People who say this are boorish and pretentious at the same time. All it means is that they’ve managed to figure out the most rudimentary rule of pop sociology; they know that hipsters gauge the coolness of others by their espoused taste in sound, and they know that hipsters hate modern country music. And they hate it because it speaks to normal people in a tangible, rational manner. Hipsters hate it because they hate Midwesterners, and they hate Southerners, and they hate people with real jobs.

excerpt from ‘Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs’ by Chuck Klosterman (via sourgrapez)


fordi trine viste meg og den er fantastisk.

Är du kvar?
Där du var
Jag har slutat gå förbi
Det är nog bäst för båda om jag försöker låta bli

och jag ska aldrig mer säga sanningen 
till nån som saknar förmåga att förstå

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You wanna be an individual, right? You look like you’re wearing a uniform. You look like a punk. That’s not rebellion. That’s fashion. Then what’s rebellion? Rebellion happens in the mind.

Some Velvet Morning

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood


Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood — Some Velvet Morning - 1967

(Source: pdvmorris)

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